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Huntington Valley Oil and Gas Exploration Project

DOI-BLM-E200-NV-2014-0003-EA (5-19-2014)

The contents of the Huntington Valley Oil and Gas Exploration Project and its associated attachments are not fully Section 508 Compliant. If you experience any difficulty accessing the data or information therein, please contact the Elko Nevada Office at 775-753-0200. We will try to assist you as best we can. This may include providing the information to you in an alternative format.

Dear Interested Party Letter

Huntington Valley Oil and Gas Exploration Project EA (Large File, Allow time for loading)


Appendix A-Transportation Plan

 Appendix B-Detailed Legal Description
 Appendix C-Lease Stipulations
 Appendix D-Narrative of Completion and Stimulation
 Appendix E-Typical Drawings
 Appendix F-Huntington Integrated Weed Management Plan
 Appendix G-Huntington Reclamation Plan
 Appendix H-Noxious Weeds
 Appendix I-Best Management Practices for Sage-Grouse
 Appendix J-Memorandum Of Understanding for Aqua Program
 Appendix K-Fire Plan Measures
 Appendix L-Baseline Sampling Program
 Appendix M-Common and Scientific Names
 Appendix N-Breeding Bird Survey Routes
 Appendix O-BLM Sensitive Species List

Noble Energy Huntington Valley Proposed Oil & Gas Development

Noble Energy Presentation of Dec. 3, 2013 Open House

Master Surface Use Plan


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