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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 is a basic charter for the protection of the environment. All proposed actions affecting public lands or resources must be reviewed for NEPA compliance. NEPA procedures ensure that environmental information is available to public officials and citizens before decisions are made and before actions are taken. Links are provided at the right to view various levels of NEPA, BLM Guidelines, and for general information about the NEPA Process. 

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Recent FONSI's and/or Decisions

ResourceProject Name



District - Management and Mitigation for Drought Impact Rangelands FINAL Revised Environmental Assessment

FONSI signed July 17, 2014

Projects currently available for public review and/or comment

ResourceProject Name

Review Period Closes

 Mineral Development Tuscarora - Coyote Stockpile Project Summer Campaign EA May 4, 2015



Click here for Information for filing an appeal and petition for stay of decision.



Active projects


Project Name

 Status Comment

Status Updated

Oil and GasTuscarora - Cedar Ridge 1 Oil & Gas Exploration Input received/developing EASept. 9, 2014
Mineral DevelopmentWells - Long Canyon Mine Project Final Environmental Impact Statement Final EIS released for 30-day public reviewJan. 9, 2015

Habitat Restoration

Wells - Goshute WSA Water Improvements EA

 EA in final review/revision process

July 1, 2014


Wells - Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary NOI

 Project on Hold-Awaiting Direction

July 1, 2014

Review Resource Information and Completed NEPA Products 
Geothermal Plant in NevadaHabitat Improvement Project Along Maggie CreekLivestock grazing on Nevada AllotmentLands & RealtyMining Facility in NevadaRecreating in NevadaWild Horse at Triple B Gather
Fuels Management/
 Reduction, Vegetation
 Treatment, Habitat
Lands and Realty
Mineral Development
Oil and Gas

Recreation and Other



Wild Horse and Burro

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