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Habitat Improvement Project Along Maggie Creek

    Fuels Management/Reduction, Vegetation Treatment, and Habitat Restoration
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Spruce Mountain Restoration Project within the Spruce Allotment



Maggie and Susie Creek Fish Barriers



District Vegetation Treatment EA



Tuscarora Restoration Project


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The Restoration and Management Program

The Elko District manages more than 12.5 million acres of public lands – all supporting a diversity of fish, wildlife and plants, including threatened, endangered and “at risk” species.  In fact, the BLM manages more wildlife and plant habitat than any other federal or state agency in the country. The BLM works to improve the health of entire watersheds to sustain and enhance a variety of biological communities.


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Geothermal Plant in NevadaLivestock grazing on Nevada AllotmentMining Facility in NevadaRecreating in NevadaWild Horse at Triple B Gather



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Wild Horse and Burro

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