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BLM visits the proposed Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary, Sept. 25, 2012

 Madeleine Pickens and Ken Miller talk about Madeleine's Mustang Makeover horses.Madeleine shakes hands with Nevada BLM State Director Amy Lueders  Neil Kornze, Ken Miller and Dave Overcast talk outside one of the Safari Tents at the proposed site of the Northeast Nevada Wild Horse EcoSanctuary
BLM Elko District Manager, Ken Miller, pets one of the horses purchased by Madeleine Pickens after it was trained as part of a Mustang Makeover. Representatives from the BLM were provided a tour of lands associated with the proposed Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary in which Pickens is currently building an eco-tourism resort on her private lands in the area. BLM Nevada State Director, Amy Leuders, shakes hands with Madeleine Pickens of Saving America's Mustangs as Ed Roberson, Assistant Director for Renewable Resources and Planning, looks on. BLM officials met with Pickens and toured her private lands on Sept. 25, 2012 as part of ongoing discussions for the proposed Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary.BLM Officials visit the site of the propsed Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary. The Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary proposal is to create a wild horse eco-sanctuary of a non-reproductive herd on most of the existing Spruce Grazing Allotment, including about 14,000 acres of private land and 508,000 acres of public land, approximately 25 miles southeast of Wells, Nev. From L to R - Neil Kornze, BLM Senior Advisor, Ken Miller, Elko District Manager and Dave Overcast, Assistant Elko District Manager.

Last updated: 01-07-2013