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Just for Kids

Environmental Education Resources/Links for Kids & Their Teachers

Welcome to our Just for Kids web page - a source for kids and their teachers to find information about the public lands and resources in western Nevada, as well as web links for environmental education ideas and materials.  Discover materials to enliven student projects and teacher lesson plans.

About the BLM - where we came from and what we do

All About Dirt

America's Great Outdoors

Archaeological Resources in Western Nevada (Can I Collect Things like Arrowheads and Fossils?)

BLM Learning Landscape

BLM Education & Outreach

Climate Change - BLM's Reponse to a Growing Problem

Don't Trash Nevada - Keep Our Public Lands Free from Illegal Dumping!

Earthquakes - Do We Get Them in Nevada? Map of Most Recent California & Nevada "Shakes"

Energy Sources (Non-renewable & Renewable)

Fire Information (Welcome to the Fire Planet! Wildland fires are burning somewhere almost every day)

Forestry Programs for BLM in Western Nevada (Where Can I Get Firewood, Christmas trees and Collect Pinyon Pine Nuts?)

Geothermal Energy in Western Nevada (Got Steam?) 

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful - A non-profit group (and valuable BLM partner) dedicated to creating a cleaner, more beautiful region through education and active community involvement in Washoe County

Leave No Trace – The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is an international nonprofit organization (and BLM recreation partner) dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships.  The LNT program strives to educate all those who enjoy the outdoors about their recreational impacts as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impacts.

National Forests Nearby - BLM Carson City District's National Forest Neighbors on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

National Parks in Nevada

Native American Tribes in Nevada

Native Plants in Nevada (Nevada Native Plant Society)
Pony Express Across Nevada - 150th Anniversary of a Mail Delivery Legend

Recycling - NevadaRecycles.com

Recycling - Where Do I Go in Nevada to Recycle My Cans, Glass, Paper and Other Products?

Sage Grouse - Our Shared Responsibility for Saving a Great Basin Resident

Sierra Front Recreation Coalition - a BLM partner promoting World-Class Recreation and Resource Stewardship

Sierra Nevada Journeys - a BLM partner empowering youth through positive risk-taking and experiential leadership, science, and outdoor education

Soil, Air & Water - Try Living Without Them!

Take It Outside! Explore Your Public Lands

Tread Lightly! – Is a nonprofit organization (and BLM recreation partner) that provides educational materials, training courses, restoration opportunities, communication pieces, and a variety of tools to help arm recreationists with a set of outdoor ethics.  Tread Lightly! offers specific ways to minimize impacts when four-wheeling, off-highway motorcycling, mountain biking, geocaching, riding an ATV, hunting with an ATV, snowmobiling, camping, fishing, boating, hunting, horseback riding, backcountry skiing, hiking, sand duning and using a personal watercraft.

Trout in the Classroom - Nevada Department of Wildlife

U.S. Department of the Interior's Kid's Resources

Volunteering for BLM

Water Quality Resources in Nevada (U.S. Geological Survey)

Weather - United States national, regional and local forecasts, warning and advisory messages, storm tracking, radar and satellite images and great education links.

Weeds - Noxious, Invasive & a Threat to Public Land Health

Wild Horse & Burros - Managing America's Living Legends

Wildland Fire Prevention & Education

Wildlife in Nevada (Nevada Department of Wildlife-NDOW)

Photo of students enjoying an environmental education field trip on public land.
Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.
Photo of Student Collecting Water Insects
Outdoor Fun with a Purpose - Students use BLM lands as a natural laboratory to learn about things as diverse as water quality and insect life.

Youth Initiatives - Looking to the future, BLM’s youth initiatives feature a variety of programs that engage, educate, and inspire. Focusing on youth from early childhood through young adulthood, BLM youth programs build on the spark of childhood wonder about the natural world, sustain interest through hands-on education and volunteer experiences during the school-age years, and develop into long-term engagement and stewardship, as well as pursuit of natural resource careers. CLICK HERE to access information on School-Age Programs, Youth Corps & Internships, and Entry-Level Careers.

Last updated: 06-02-2011