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Pine Nut HMA Facts

Where is the Pine Nut Mountain HMA and what is special about these animals?

The Pine Nut Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) covers about 90,000 acres of public and private land acres in Carson City and Douglas Counties, Nevada.

The BLM has determined the appropriate management level (AML) for the Pine Nut Mountain HMA to be between 119-179 wild horses.  Current (May 2012) wild horse population estimates are approximately 293 horses.

The area is also utilized by livestock (under terms and conditions outlined in grazing permits) and a variety of wildlife, including pronghorn antelope and mule deer.

How does BLM determine the Appropriate Management Level (AML) for wild horses?

The AMLs were established upon completion of an in-depth analysis of habitat suitability, resource monitoring and population inventory data.

The upper limit of the AML range is the maximum number of wild horses that can be maintained within an HMA while maintaining a thriving natural ecological balance and multiple use relationship on the public lands.  Establishing the AMLs within a population range allows for the periodic removal of excess animals (to the low end) and subsequent population growth (to the maximum level) between removals.

Which livestock grazing allotments overlap with this HMA?

Portions of the Pine Nut Mountain HMA are within the Clifton, Eldorado, Hackett Canyon, Mill Canyon, Rawe Peak, Buckeye, Churchill Canyon, and Sunrise Livestock Grazing Allotments.

Forage is allocated by animal unit months (AUMs). An AUM is the amount of forage consumed in a month by an adult horse, a mare and foal, two burros, an adult cow or cow and calf, or five sheep.

BLM actively manages authorized livestock use to mitigate the impacts, while wild horses and burros roam freely, year-round as the law allows.

Last updated: 06-25-2013