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The decision to gather the 11 wild horses outside the Pine Nut Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA), called the Deer Run Road horses, was not an easy one, and involves a multitude of different reasons. The decision to gather them was first part of a decision made in 2010 as part of a larger gather effort, and they were identified as being outside the HMA in the gather planning document. Second, in 2011-2012 we had received complaints from the neighborhood. The BLM follows the Code of Federal Regulations 4710.4 which states “Management of wild horses and burros shall be undertaken with the objective of limiting the animal’s distribution to herd areas” and 4720.2-1, which mandates the removal of strayed animals from private lands based on written request from landowners. Third, and most importantly, they had become a safety hazard on the roadways, as well as a threat to personal property, humans and their domestic animals.

The Deer Run Road horses are coming out of the Pine Nut Mountains Herd Management Area. This HMA has an appropriate management level range of 119 to 179 wild horses, but the population is 293. These horses routinely crossed the Carson River and would spend much of their time outside of the HMA boundary within residential neighborhoods and in a city park. Many of the local residents routinely fed and watered them which resulted in them becoming more and more habituated to spending time in the Deer Run neighborhood and in the local city park. Although the city placed a sign at the park asking the public to not feed the animals, it continued, resulting in further luring them out of the HMA.

Silver Saddle Ranch Adoption Update:
Of the 11 wild horses gathered, four were immediately adopted. The remaining seven, plus two newborn foals born while in holding at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, were put up for adoption at an event on March 23, 2013 at Silver Saddle Ranch in Carson City. All the available horses—two geldings, five mares, and two foals—were adopted by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign. The wild horses will live in California on a 2,000-acre pasture. The foal/mare pairs will be transported to California sometime the end of April.

The chronological information below helps portray how the decision to gather the Deer Run Road horses, by bait trapping, was arrived at and implemented.

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On February 19, 2013 the BLM received several citizen proposals to resolve the need to remove the remaining wild horses.  To review the proposals click here.

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