Carson City District-Sierra Front Field Office

Lahontan Herd Management Area (HMA)

Location/Habitat:  The Lahontan HMA is located approximately 35 miles east of Carson City and is immediately south of the Lahontan Reservoir.  It encompasses 11,000 acres.  The elevation is approximately 4,167 feet.  Wild horses are usually found outside the HMA due to a lack of water, east of the reservoir and south of the Lahontan Reservoir Narrows.  The HMA is flat, with low sandy deposits and alkali flats.

Average temperatures for Carson City range from 20 to 45 degrees Farenheit in December and January, and from 48 to 90 degrees in mid-summer.  Average annual precipitation is 7.5 inches.

Wildlife:  This HMA also provides habitat for many reptiles, small mammals, coyote and bird life.

Vegetation:  Dominant vegetation consists of Baileys greasewood, shadscale, low sagebrush, cheatgrass, Indian ricegrass and squirreltail.

Herd Description:  Due to the small size of the HMA, the appropriate management level is 7 to 10 horses.  This herd is known for its large percentage of pintos, with most other colors also found.  The horses generally stand approximately 15 hands high (60 inches from the ground to the top of the withers).  These horses have good conformation and are known to be generally good-natured.

Photo of horses within the Lahontan Herd Management Area.
Horses photographed in November 2010.
Photo of the north side of the Lahontan Herd Management Area
View of the north side of the HMA.

Lahontan HMA Map