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About the HMAs

Garfield Flat HMA

The Garfield Flat Herd Management Area (HMA) is located approximately ten miles southeast of Hawthorne, Nevada. The topography of the HMA ranges from flat valleys through mountainous terrain from 5,003 feet to 9,973 feet in elevation.

The HMA contains approximately 141,800 acres of public and private land within the BLM-Carson City District-Stillwater Field Office. There are only two viable water sources within the HMA boundaries.

Two livestock grazing allotments, Garfield Flat and Belleville, overlap the HMA. Approximately 85 percent of the HMA occurs in the Garfield Flat Allotment with the remaining 15 percent in the Belleville Allotment. The horses primarily use the Garfield Flat Allotment portion of the HMA.

The Appropriate Management Level (AML) for the Garfield Flat HMA has been established at 83-125 wild horses.

Marietta Wild Burro Range

Located in Mineral County, Nevada, Marietta is the Nation's first formally recognized Wild Burro Range.

The 68,000-acre range is managed for between 78-104 wild burros (Equus asinus asinus). The burros roam freely near the ruins of the historic Nevada mining town of Marietta and the seasonally changing Teels Marsh.

The Marietta Wild Burro Range was publicly dedicated in 1991-- the 20th anniversary of passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

The range is located south east of Hawthorne, Nevada. The area includes nearly 66,500 acres of public land. Patented mining claims around Teels Marsh and the Marietta mining district account for 1,500 acres of private lands within the area.

Removal of wild burros from the Marietta Wild Burro Range is currently not funded and will not occur in 2012.

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