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**This wild horse gather concluded on February 2, 2012***

Goal of Gather:

The gathers are needed to achieve compliance with the CRMP, reduce population growth rates, provide for public safety, improve rangeland health, and enhance the health and safety of the wild horses and burros. Management of wild horses and burros at the AMLs protects rangeland resources from deterioration that could result from wild horse and burro overpopulation and movement to areas outside the HMAs. The action would also result in fewer wild horses being placed in short/long-term holding facilities over time.


The purpose of the Garfield Flat gather is to manage the HMAs for a thriving natural ecological balance by gathering approximately 145 wild horses, removing approximately 72 excess wild horses and treating approximately 26 - 33 mares with the fertility control vaccine PZP-22 to facilitate maintenance of the Garfield HMA population within the respective AML. The fertility control vaccine is expected to reduce the population growth rate and reduce the number of excess wild horses that would need to be removed in future gathers. If the gather efficiency exceeds 80 percent, additional mares will be treated and released back into to the HMA. The BLM intends to return to the Garfield HMA in 2-3 years in order to maintain AML through population control measures by gathering, re-treating the mares and removing excess animals if necessary. The proposed action would manage wild horse and burro populations within established AMLs, allowing the BLM to make significant progress in attaining the management objectives identified in the Carson City Consolidated Resource Management Plan, and the Standards for Rangeland Health & Guidelines for Grazing Management in the Sierra Front Northwestern Great Basin Area.

The purpose of the Marietta Wild Burro Range gather is similar to the Garfield Flat gather, however the removal of 66 wild burros is currently not funded.  The removal of wild burros from the Marietta Wild Burro Range is currently unfunded and will not occur in 2012.  During the Garfield Flat gather, all locatable wild horses residing outside the Marietta Wild Burro Range would be removed as excess wild horses (85 animals).


Applicants who wish to adopt a wild horse must have at least 400 square foot corral with panels that are at least six feet tall. Applicants are required to provide adequate shelter, feed and water. The BLM retains title to the horse for one year, and can conduct inspections. After one year, the applicant may take title to the horse at which point the animal become the property of the applicant. Adoptions are conducted in accordance with 43 CFR 4750.

Latest News:

For BLM news releases and statements issued about the Garfield Flat and Marietta gathers, check our Newsroom.

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Wild horses in Garfield Flat HMA
Wild horse in Garfield HMA