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Wild Horse Gather

***This wild horse gather concluded on January 27, 2012.***

Goal of Gather:

The purpose of the wild horse gather is to remove excess wild horses as well as to implement population growth controls in the gather area. The gather is needed to: achieve the established AML’s as set by the approved MUD/HMAP for each HMA; reduce the population growth rates; achieve full compliance with the CRMP; prevent degradation of public lands within and outside the HMAs; maintain or restore a thriving natural ecological balance; and re-establish a multiple-use doctrine consistent with the provisions of Section 1333(a) of the WFRHBA.


Based on population inventories conducted in 2010 and 2011, the current estimated populations of wild horses (including foals) in the gather area are as follows: Flanigan 324 (2011 population inventory); Dogskin Mountain 22; and Granite Peak 38. Wild horse populations for all three HMAs currently exceed established AMLs. Conducting the proposed management action at this time is necessary due to the overpopulation of wild horses and to prevent the deterioration of rangeland resources. Heavy and severe utilization of forage by wild horses has been documented within the Flanigan and Dogskin Mountain HMAs. In addition, excess wild horses occupy areas outside of these HMAs, on BLM and private lands that are not managed for wild horse occupancy. 


Applicants who wish to adopt a wild horse must have at least 400 square foot corral with panels that are at least six feet tall. Applicants are required to provide adequate shelter, feed and water. The BLM retains title to the horse for one year, and can conduct inspections. After one year, the applicant may take title to the horse at which point the animal become the property of the applicant. Adoptions are conducted in accordance with 43 CFR 4750.

Latest News:

For BLM news releases and statements issued about the Flanigan, Dogskin Mountains, and Granite Peak Wild Horse Gather, check our Newsroom.

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Wild horses in Flanigan HMA
Wild horses in Flanigan HMA