Carson City District - Stillwater Field Office

Be a Responsible Camper and Rider at Sand Mountain

Today more than 50,000 visitors come to Sand Mountain annually, up from only a few hundred per year in the 1970's. With this increase in visitors has come an increase in traffic, trash and vandalism. So that everyone can enjoy their stay, please show your respect for other people and the environment by being a good neighbor. 

* Observe speed limits on roads and in the camp area. Children are present! Excess speed not only throws dust and sand into your neighbor's camp, it is dangerous.  Slow down.

* Ride/drive alcohol and drug free.  It takes skill and a clear head to safely ride on and around these sand dunes.  Use common sense - we don't want a CareFlight helicopter ride to the hospital to be your last Sand Mountain experience.

* Camp only in designated areas. Camping outside established areas destroys vegetation and allows non-native species of plants, such as Russian thistle, to flourish.

* Keep a clean camp. Take your trash with you or use the dumpsters which are provided. Use a fire pan, such as a garbage can lid, for your campfire and dispose of the ashes when they have cooled. Dumping holding tanks on the ground is unsightly, unsanitary and illegal.

* Please do not ride in areas and trails closed to motor vehicles. These closures help prevent erosion and protect the plants, animals and historic resources found in the recreation area.  Some of the plants and animals in these closed areas are extremely rare and protecting their remaining habitat is critical to ensuring that recreation use at Sand Mountain Recreation Area can continue.  You can learn more by reading the new information kiosks at at the main camping area restrooms and at key dune access points.

* Lock up your firearms. Discharge of firearms within the Sand Mountain Recreation is extremely dangerous and strictly PROHIBITED. This rule is stringently enforced and violators will be cited.

* Report vandalism. Each year vandalism causes thousands of dollars worth of damage and destruction. Repairs and replacement of facilities are paid for with your tax dollars. Help reduce vandalism by immediately reporting any illegal activities you may see to a BLM Ranger or the local Sheriff.

* Stay on the sandy dunes or on existing roads and trails. Pioneering new trails in vegetated areas destroys native plants that are the only food and cover for species like the Sand Mountain Blue Butterfly. Please Tread-Lightly by keeping to previously used dunes and trails.

Photo from a Memorial Day Weekend at Sand Mountain.
Sand Mountain sees about 50,000 campers per year - it is critical that everyone be a good neighbor and watch out for everyone's safety.