Ride Smart - For Everyone's Safety:

* Razorbacks or slipfaces exist at the top of the mountain and many of the surrounding dunes. The mountain is constantly shifting. Be careful when you top out.

* Wearing your helmet, gloves and boots will help reduce injuries if an accident happens.

* Use of a fluorescent orange "whip flag," extending at least 8 feet above the ground level when the vehicle is stopped, is MANDATORY on ALL Off-Highway-Vehicles (OHVs) using the recreation area. Lighted whip masts should be used at night.

* Limit your speed to 15 mph around the camp area and 25 mph on all access roads. This will help prevent accidents and lessen road damage.

* Every year several accidents occur at Sand Mountain which result in serious injuries or death. Far too many of these accidents are related to the use of alcohol. PLEASE. . ."DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!"

* Spark arresters are required on all OHV's. The use of spark arresters will greatly reduce the chance of fire. Plant life is sparse in the desert and wildlife depends on it to survive.

* The nearest hospital is in Fallon. Dial 911.

* Only one cell phone provides coverage that will reach the camping area at Sand Mountain.  Please call Churchill County Communications at (775) 425-0060 for more information.

Photos of ATV riders at Sand Mountain.
All riders must have an 8 foot whip flag on their vehicle when riding on the dunes. Lighted whip masts should be used at night.