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Trails at Indian Creek Recreation Area

(A) INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR TO SUMMIT LAKE: A little steep at first, this one-mile hiking trail segment affords the hiker a scenic overlook of the Indian Creek area on the way to little Summit Lake.

(B) SUMMIT LAKE TO CURTZ LAKE: This old jeep trail is closed to motor vehicle use and is now used as a hiking trail. About a mile long, it provides access between these two small lakes.

(C) CURTZ LAKE TO CARSON RIVER: It's all downhill along this two-mile trail segment, leading to the beautiful East Fork of the Carson River. A second portion of this trail, about a mile long, parallels the river. Remember, it's all uphill when you return from the river.

(D) INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR TO CARSON RIVER: This faint, two and three-quarter mile trail offers some spectacular vistas of the surrounding mountains. This trail descends to the East Fork of the Carson River by a series of switch-backs, is steep in places and meets the river at a pleasant little clearing. The trail is seldom maintained, so use caution on rough segments.

When in the back country please remember...

* No motor vehicles on the trails.

* Carry out your own trash.

* Be careful with all fires.

* California campfire permits are required for fires outside of a developed campground.

* Stay on the trails - don't cut across switchbacks.

* For safety, let someone know where you will be hiking and if possible, don't hike alone.

Photo of Indian Creek Reservoir
Trails in the Indian Creek area access a variety of lakes - there is even a trail from Indian Creek Reservoir down to the Carson River.
Last updated: 07-30-2008