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Curtz Lake Environmental Study Area
Curtz Lake is a natural area with an easily viewed combination of natural environmental processes at work. So all of us might enjoy and learn, a formal study area was developed during the summers of 1972 and 1973 by the Youth Conservation Corps and the Bureau of Land Management.

Designed for use by the general public and school groups, the study area consists of self-guided interpretive trails.  They are designed for leisurely walking, so take your time and enjoy the area. A full tour should take about an hour.

Detailed information markers are placed along the trails to help you learn more about your environment.

ALL NEW PARKING AREA for Curtz Lake was constructed in 2010.  Watch for the entrance on the west side of the county access road.  New interpretive signs and a redesigned trail will follow soon.

Curtz Lake Information Sign
Parking for the Curtz Lake Loop Trail is located just off the paved road to Indian Creek Reservior.
Photo of Curtz Lake
Curtz Lake is a beautiful natural area that abounds with wildlife.
Last updated: 01-07-2011