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North Douglas County Specific RMP Amendment (2001)

North Douglas County Specific RMP Amendment (2001)

The purpose of the North Douglas County Specific Plan Amendment to the Walker Resource Management Plan is to: 1) Clarify land tenure designations on about 440 acres of BLM managed public lands in the Specific Plan Area; 2) Identify and designate approximately 30 acres of public lands containing an important cultural resource site, per 25CFR151, for transfer to the United States Government to be held in trust for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California through the Western Division of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in perpetuity; 3) Designate specific tracts of BLM managed public lands in the North Douglas County Specific Planning Area for potential disposal to the private sector for development purposes and/or to the private sector or local government for recreation and public purposes under provisions of the R&PP Act; 4) Adopt criteria for acquisition of private lands or interests in private lands by the BLM within Douglas County; and 5) Adopt criteria for sale of small parcels of BLM public lands on which portions of private structures have been constructed resulting in unintentional trespass.

Final North Douglas County Plan Amendment (2001)

Figure 1 - Vicinity Map

Figure 2 - Zone Map

Figure 3 - Proposed Action

Figure 4 - Proposed Action

Figure 5 - Retention Alternative

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