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Curtz Lake Recreation Project (Alpine County, California)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Carson City District-Sierra Front Field Office (SFFO) proposed in 2009 to design, construct and maintain an access road, trailhead, and non-motorized interpretive trail at Curtz Lake, located in Alpine County, California.  The new facilities will replace or update similar facilities in the area that are outdated and inadequately designed.  The recreation facility enhancement project would also refine interpretive information and themes, consolidate parking and trailhead function in one area, and provide an element of convenience to the users by upgrading the access road and relocating parking away from Airport Road traffic.

The purpose of the project is to re-develop recreation based facilities at Curtz Lake to provide safe, accessible and quality recreation and interpretive opportunities to the public. The need for the proposed action is based primarily on public health and safety concerns related to existing access road, trail and trailhead layout and design.

Web links are provided in the column to the right for the Final Curtz Lake Interpretive Trail and Trailhead Environmental Assessment (EA; DOI-BLM-NV-C020-2009-0021), EA attachments, and the Finding of No Significant Impact.  A public comment period on the draft EA was concluded in October 2009.

For More Information:
Please contact Arthur Callan, BLM-Carson City District-Sierra Front Field Office, 5665 Morgan Mill Road, Carson City, NV 89701 or e-mail to acallan@blm.gov.  Phone 775-885-6141.

Environmental Document Links

Curtz Lake Final Environmental Assessment - November 2009 (pdf)

Attachment A - Project Location Map (pdf)

Attachment B - Existing Trail System and Facilities Map (pdf)

Attachment C - Proposed Trail System and Facilities Map (pdf)

Attachment D - Preliminary Route Designations Map (pdf)

Finding of No Significant Effect - Page 1 | Page 2 (pdf)

Last updated: 11-24-2009