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Carson City Field Office Consolidated Resource Management Plan (2001)

The Carson City Field Office Consolidated Resource Management Plan (CRMP) incorporated decisions from eight major field office planning documents and five amendments to these plans. The CRMP was created in 2001 through a plan maintenance action, including extensive review by field office resource specialists, and does not change the scope of the decisions made in previous land use plans or amendments to these plans. The CRMP updated these previous decisions and was designed to provide easy reference to the planning decisions that guide management of the BLM-managed public lands under jurisdiction of the Carson City Field Office (now known as the Carson City District Office). The CRMP includes national policy statements for use in guiding management of what were considered non-issue resources or programs in the mid-1980's. Since completion of the CRMP, all land use plan conformance determinations will be based on the decisions and information contained in the CRMP until the revision effort initiated in 2012 is completed.

Carson City Consolidated RMP (2001)

Fire Category and Zones

Land Status, Disposal, Acquisition and Retention

Right-of-Way and Communication Sites

Grazing Allotments and Herd Management Areas


Minerals and Energy (Oil and Gas)

Carson City Field Office Location Map

Recreation Mgmt. Areas, Recreation Sites, and OHV Designations

Special Management Areas

Visual Resource Classes

Critical Areas - Deer winter Range and Sage Grouse Leks

Critical Areas - Pronghorn Sheep and Mountain Quail

Critical Areas - Desert Mountain Goat, Valley Quail, and Mountain Lion

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