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Carson City District

Lands & Realty Program

The Lands Team of the Carson City District Office services members of the public regarding many different types of lands actions. Among lands actions are Rights-of-Ways, Land Sales, Land Exchanges, Land Acquisitions, leases and permits, and legislative directives. The Bureau of Land Management’s Land and Mineral Records (LR2000) database is accessible on a web site that enables the public to access land and mineral records.

The public is invited to visit the Carson City District Office for information regarding the use and disposition of the public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Public Land Acreage Administered by the BLM-Carson City Field Office

How to Obtain a Right-of-Way

Are BLM Lands for Sale?

We are frequently asked if it is true that cheap public lands are available for sale or for "homesteading."  Although there was a time when individuals could homestead public lands and eventually obtain title for a nominal payment based on completing certain improvements to the land, the homesteading laws were revoked by the passage of the Federal Lands Policy and Management Act of 1976.  Some private books also refer to using federal mining laws to occupy federal lands, but that is misleading because residential use of a mining claim is generally not appropriate.

You can learn more about public lands that are for sale by going to this link;

Please check this website or call our Public Land Sales Hotline at (775) 885-6111 for future updates. Sales are announced approximately sixty days before the sale date.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Land Sales Under the Federal Lands Transfer Facilitation Act (FLTFA)

Lands Sales in Southern Nevada