The Augusta Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA) includes portions of the Battle Mountain, Winnemucca, and Carson City BLM Field offices. The entire HMA is currently administered by the Winnemucca Field Office. A little less than one third of the 176,000 acre HMA exists within the Battle Mountain Field Office, Shoshone-Eureka Planning Area. 
The HMA contains the Augusta Mountain Range through its center, surrounded by wide valley bottoms. Elevations range from 8450 feet at the peak of Mt. Moses, down to 4973 feet in the valleys below. The Battle Mountain portion of the HMA spans 14 miles long by 11 miles wide.
The current estimated population for the entire HMA is approximately 300 wild horses. The Appropriate Management Level (AML) has been established at 308 wild horses. 
The horses in the Augusta HMA vary in color, and include many dun and sorrel horses. Other colors include black, bay, buckskin, brown, chestnut, palomino, grulla (mouse colored), and red roan.