Resource Management Plans

Shoshone-Eureka Resource Management Plan  (RMP) and Amendments

Note: These documents are large files and may take some time to load.

The Shoshone-Eureka RMP has been amended several times, so there are many documents that make up a complete RMP.  The list (in order of date approved/finalized) can be found by clicking here.

Draft Shoshone-Eureka RMP and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 09/1983
Shoshone-Eureka RMP and Final EIS 02/1984
Shoshone-Eureka Resource Area Record of Decision (ROD) 03/1986
Shoshone-Eureka Wilderness Recommendations 10/1987
Shoshone-Eureka RMP Amendment 1987
Proposed RMP Amendment and Final EIS 1987
RMP Amendment and ROD 11/1987
Shoshone-Eureka Rangeland Program Summary 10/1988
Central Nevada Communication Sites Proposed Plan Amendment and Environmental Assessment (EA) 03/1996
Central Nevada Communication Sites Final Plan Amendment 08/1996
Central Nevada Communication Sites Modified Final Plan Amendment 08/1998
RMP Amendment for Fire Management and EA










Tonopah Resource Management Plan (RMP)

Proposed Tonopah RMP and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)10/1994
Approved Tonopah RMP and Record of Decision (ROD)10/1997