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Resource Management Plan - Battle Mountain District Office

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Battle Mountain District Office (BMD) is preparing a comprehensive Resource Management Plan (RMP) and associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to guide management of BLM administered public land (surface lands and federal minerals) within the District. The RMP/ EIS will be prepared as a dynamic and flexible plan to allow management to reflect the changed needs of the planning area and will replace the existing 1997 Tonopah RMP and 1986 Shoshone-Eureka RMP.

Description of Planning Area 

The 13.5 million acre planning area is comprised of federal state, and private lands, as well as Indian reservations within Lander, Eureka, Nye and Esmeralda Counties. The BLM does not manage lands for other federal entities, therefore; the RMP will cover a decision area of 10.5 million acres of BLM land (surface).

Recent Planning Documents

Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Summary for the BMD RMP

Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Evaluation Forms for the BMD Resource Management Plan (RMP)  Portions of this document are not 508 compliant.  Please contact Chris Worthington at 775-635-4144 or if you have any questions.

Battle Mountain RMP Newsletter #1 - 12/2010 (194 KB)

RMP Scoping Summary Report (8.54 MB)

Battle Mountain RMP Newsletter #2 - 08/2011 (215 KB)

Battle Mountain RMP Socioeconomic Baseline Assessment Report - 11/2011 (996 KB)

Final Mineral Assessment Report - 01/2012

Final ACEC Rreport - 11/2012

Visual Resource Inventory - 04/2012

BMD RFD Solar and Wind - 04/2013

The Battle Mountain RMP Newsletter #3 - 04/2013 (337 KB)

RMP Process

The BMD RMP planning process and EIS scoping period officially began on December 13, 2010 with the publication in the Federal Register of a NOTICE OF INTENT to Prepare a Resource Management Plan for the Battle Mountain District Office and Associated Environmental Impact Statement. During this scoping period, the public was invited to submit their comments to the BMD. Public involvement is an integral and important part of land use planning. Opportunities for public involvement and comments are provided throughout the planning process. The BLM uses the information from public and other sources to determine current resource conditions, changes needed in managing these resources, and desired conditions for public lands the BMD manages.


Please visit our “Getting Involved” page to learn about how you can be involved in the RMP process. To be added to the project mailing list, send your information to

Flow chart for creating the RMP

Fact Sheets


Areas of Environmental Concerns

Fire Management

Forestry and Woodland


Land, Retention and Acquisitions

Mineral Resources

Planning Issues and Criteria

Recreation and Travel

Renewable Energy

Rights of Way

Special Status Plants and Wildlife

Special Status Species

Vegetation and Soils

Visual Resource Management

Water, Riparian


Wild and Scenic Rivers

Wild Horse and Burro

Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas



Big Game Habitat

Disposable Lands

Fire History

Herd Management Areas

Land Ownership


Oil and Gas

Renewable Energy

Riparian Areas

Sage Grouse Habitat and Leks

Special Forest Product Areas

Special Recreation Management Areas

Utility Corridors


Wilderness Study Areas

WUI and Fuels Projects

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