Round Mountain Gold Expansion Project Final EIS

Master Table of Contents

Volume I - EIS Cover Volume I

Cover Letter

Executive Summary


Abbreviations and Acronyms

Chapter 1.0 - Introduction

Chapter 2.0 - Alternatives Including the Proposed Action 

Chapter 3.0 - Affected Environment

Volume II - EIS Cover Volume II

Chapter 4.0 - Environmental Consequences

Chapter 5.0 - Consulation and Coordination

Chapter 6.0 - List of Preparers and Reviewers

Chapter 7.0 - References

Chapter 8.0 - Glossary

Chapter 9.0 - Index


Appendix A - Summary of Bedrock and Alluvial Groundwater Chemistry for Round Mountain and Gold Hill

Appendix B - Noise Measurement Results and Field Monitoring Weather Conditions

Appendix C - Groundwater Calibration Data

Appendix D - Pit Lake Geochemistry Data

Appendix E - Visual Contrast Worksheets and Visual Simulations

Appendix F - Public Comment Letters