Mount Hope Project
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Mount Hope Project Draft EIS 

The 90-day public comment period for the Draft EIS begins December 2, 2011.  Comments should be postmarked or otherwise delivered to the Battle Mountain District Office by close of business March 1, 2012 to ensure full consideration.

Table of Contents

Dear Reader Letter 


Volume 1 - EIS Cover Volume I

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction: Purpose of and Need for Action

Chapter 2 - Description of Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences

Sections 3.1-3-2 (3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Water Resources - Water Quantity)

Section 3.3 (Water Resources - Water Quality

Sections 3.4-3.6 (3.4 Geology and Minerals; 3.5 Paleontology; 3.6 Air and Atmospheric Values)

Sections 3.7-3.8 (3.7 Visual Resources; 3.8 Soil Resources)

Volume 2 - EIS Cover Volume II

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences

Sections 3.9-3-11 (3.9 Vegetation Resources; 3.10 Noxious Weeds, Invasive & Nonnative Species; 3.11 Wetlands and Riparian Zones)

Sections 3.12-3.13 (3.12 Livestock Grazing and Production; 3.13 Wild Horses)

Sections 3.14-3.16 (3.14 Land Use; 3.15 Recreation and Wilderness Study Areas; 3.16 Auditory Resources)

Section 3.17 (Socioeconomic Values)

Sections 3.18-3.19 (3.18 Environmental Justice; 3.19 Hazardous Materials)

Sections 3.20-3.22 (3.20 Historic Trails; 3.21 Cultural Resources; 3.22 Native American Traditional Values)

Section 3.23 (Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

Sections 3.24-3.26 (3.24 Transportation and Access; 3.25 Forest Products; 3.26 Relationship Between the Local Short-Term Uses of the Human Environment)

Chapter 4 - Cumulative Impacts and Irreversible/Irretrievable Commitment of Resources

Chapter 5 - Consultation, Coordination, and the List of Preparers for Preparation of the EIS

Chapter 6 - References and Glossary

Chapter 7 - Index 


Appendix A: Eureka Moly, LLC Tailings Siting Evaluation

Appendix B: Eureka Moly, LLC Water Resources Monitoring Plan

Appendix C: Mount Hope Project Mitigation Summary Plan

Appendix D: Mount Hope Socioeconomic Supplemental Analysis

Appendix E: Native American Consultation Documentation

Appendix F: BLM Sensitive Species List

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