Cortez Hills FEIS
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Cortez Hills Expansion Project Final EIS
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Volume I

Cover Letter through Chapter 1.0 Introduction

Includes the Abstract, Executive Summary, Acronyms and Abbreviations, and Table of Contents

Chapter 2.0 Alternatives Including the Proposed Action

Volume II

Chapter 3.0 Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences

Cover through Section 3.1 Geology and Minerals

Section 3.2 Water Resources and Geochemistry

Section 3.3 Soils and Reclamation through Section 3.8 Cultural Resources

Includes Sections 3.3 Soils and Reclamation, 3.4 Vegetation, 3.5 Wildlife and Fisheries Resources, 3.6 Range Resources, 3.7 Paleontological Resources, and 3.8 Cultural Resources.

Section 3.9 Native American Traditional Values

Section 3.10 Air Quality through Chapter 8.0 Index

Includes Sections 3.10 Air Quality, 3.11 Land Use and Access, 3.12 Recreation and Wilderness, 3.13 Social and Economic Values, 3.14 Environmental Justice, 3.15 Visual Resources, 3.16 Noise, 3.17 Hazardous Materials and Solid Waste, 3.18 Relationship Between Short-term Uses of the Human Environment and the Maintenance and Enhancement of Long-term Productivity, 3.19 Irreversible and Irretrievable Committment of Resources, and Chapters 4.0 Public Coordination, 5.0 List of Preparers and Reviewers, 6.0 References, 7.0 Glossary, and 8.0 Index.


Appendix A - Prior NEPA Documents and Permits

Appendix B - Water Resources

Appendix C - Wildlife

Appendix D - Cultural Resources and Native American Traditional Values

Appendix E - Noise Measurements

Appendix F - Draft EIS Public Comments and Responses

Last updated: 10-03-2008