National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

This webpage is provided as a source of information on the status of projects which are being planned, constructed, or have been completed by the BLM Battle Mountain District.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 is the basic charter for the protection of the environment.  NEPA outlined the process to ensure that any actions proposed on public lands are evaluated and the impact to the environment is looked at and analyzed.  NEPA procedures ensure that environmental information is available to public officials and citizens before decisions are made and actions are taken.

Levels of NEPA Analysis are:

  • Environmental Assessment (EA) - the purpose of an EA is to determine whether an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) level analysis is needed.  The EA analyzes impacts to the quality of the human environment, serves as a vehicle for interdisciplinary review of the proposal, identifies appropriate mitigation measures, and facilitates the preparation of an EIS when one is deemed necessary (EAs currently out for public comment are listed on the right side of this page).
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) - this level of analysis is conducted for "major federal actions that significantly affect the quality of the human environment."  The purpose of an EIS is to ensure that the policies and goals of the NEPA are used in the ongoing programs and actions of the federal government.

Public review and comments on these documents are accepted during scoping periods, review periods and during the analysis process.  We are interested in hearing your views and concerns as different analyses are being developed and during formal comment periods.  Early participation in this process helps to ensure that your concerns are addressed. 

If you would like to be added to the mailing lists for any projects within the District, please submit your request to the appropriate office at the address or fax listed.  If you have any questions please contact the Mount Lewis Field Office at (775) 635-4000 or the Tonopah Field Office at (775) 482-7800.

Mount Lewis Field Office (MLFO) 
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Fax: (775) 635-4034

Tonopah Field Office (TFO)
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EIS for the BLM Battle Mountain District

Note: These links are large document files and may take several minutes to load.  

  Environmental Impact Statements

Mount Hope Project FEIS

 Gloria Tibbetts ~ MLFO

Cortez Hills Expansion Project Final SEIS

Cortez Hills Expansion Project Final EIS

Cortez Hills Expansion Project ROD

Cortez Hills Draft Supplemental EIS

Cortez Hills Final Supplemental EIS

Cortez Hills Supplemental EIS ROD

Chris Worthington ~ MLFO

Pipeline/S. Pipeline Pit Expansion SEIS Chris Worthington ~ MLFO
Phoenix Project EIS Dave Davis~ BMDO
Ruby Hill Mine Expansion East Archimedes Project SEIS MLFO
South Pipeline Project FEIS Chris Worthington ~ MLFO

Round Mountain Expansion Project DEIS

Round Mountain Expansion Project FEIS

Round Mountain Expansion Project ROD

Chris Worthington ~ MLFO
Falcon to Gonder FEIS Realty Department ~ BMDO

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project ROD

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project FEIS 

Timothy Coward ~ RECO

Phoenix Copper Leach Project DEIS

Phoenix Copper Leach Project FEIS

Dave Davis ~ BMDO

Links to Other Battle Mountain District Planning Pages

EAs for the BLM Battle Mountain District

The Battle Mountain District Office is pleased to announce the completion and availability of the McGinness Hills Geothermal Development Project Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). Ormat Nevada, Inc. is proposing to construct and operate two power generating facilities, a geothermal production and injection well field and pipelines, access roads, an electrical transmission line and ancillary support facilities. A net total of 66 MW of electricity will be produced. The project is expected to result in a total of 217 acres of short-term and long-term surface disturbance.

The EA describes the environmental impacts the project would likely have on the environment and mitigation measures required to minimize those effects. The FONSI and related decisions approving all aspects of the development were approved on July 19, 2011. The project will be fully bonded for reclamation under BLM guidelines. In addition, to address potential impacts to sage-grouse, the proponent has committed to developing a fund that will obligate completion of the mitigation and monitoring identified in the EA. To receive a hard copy of this document or for more information, please contact Tim Coward at the Tonopah Field Office.

Battle Mountain District Drought Management EA, FONSI, and Dear Interested Party Letter. The purpose of this EA is to analyze alternatives that would allow for the rapid response to drought in order to alleviate the impacts of authorized uses and activities on natural resources that are at risk of being adversely affected by drought.