Red Rock Canyon NCA
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Black Rock Rendezvous

Kids posed for a quick group photo during the Black Rock Rendezvous.

A great example of BLM’s volunteer partnership – the 2013 Black Rock Rendezvous. This Leave No Trace camping event attracted 200 people during Memorial Day weekend last year on the west edge of the Black Rock Playa. Participants and volunteer groups included Friends of the Black Rock High Rock, Nevada Outdoor School and Friends of Nevada Wilderness. This event involved a wide variety of educational and service activities in a family friendly environment. Tours and lectures provided information to the public on a variety of subjects related to the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area (NCA).

Volunteers remove fence constructed after the Rock Creek Fire along County Road 34 during the Black Rock Rendezvous.

There was also a free "Kids’ Camp" hosted by Nevada Outdoor School (NOS). The tours let visitors explore the NCA with knowledgeable guides, others went geode hunting, visit an archaeological excavation, the Applegate Trail or nearby hot springs. Volunteer projects included the removal of fencing from a fire restoration project and an on-going citizen-science spring monitoring project. In the evenings, participants enjoyed acoustic music, potlucks and the ever-popular Dutch Oven Cook-Off.

At Kids’ Camp, campers enjoyed ‘get to know you’ games, team challenges, activities about the history of the playa narrated by a BLM employee and learned the Leave No Trace principles. The kids also participated in a MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) sweep of the main campground, picking up and removing used sparklers and other items left behind from the previous night’s festivities. Setting an excellent example for others to follow wasn’t enough for this energetic group - they took on the challenge of removing old tires from the wash, about a quarter mile from the main camp, with parents and NOS simply supervising.