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Wildlife Sighting Capture
Project Creates a Searchable Wildlife Sighting Capture Electronic Database

Project: Input information from historic paper records on wildlife and habitat into a searchable Wildlife Sighting Capture electronic database. Key information includes sage grouse leks and brooding areas.

ARRA Funding Level: $15,000


February 2, 2011: $14,989 obligated, $14,989 spent. The data entry project took approximately six months to complete.

Jobs: One seasonal electronic data entry specialist.

Completed: January 2010

Benefits and Needs: A historic database will save countless hours for specialists starting a new species or habitat inventory. The information will help focus ground reviews used in planning project locations, and will also be used to proactively plan wildlife habitat restoration and enhancement into project proposals.

Background: These entries and the subsequent habitat work will be extremely important for geothermal energy leasing and other types of permitting in the Stillwater Field Office.