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Nevada Solar Powered Facilities
Solar Panels Will Provide Clean Power for the Bureau’s Use

Project: Installation of power-generating solar panels and parking shade structures at six locations throughout the state, including: the Eureka Fire Facility, the Tonopah Field Office, the Caliente Field Office, the Pony Springs Fire Facility, the Logandale Fire Station and the Pahrump Fire Station. The proposed power systems will include ground-mounted arrays and covered parking structures with solar panels built into the roofs.

ARRA Funding Level: $1,686,000


February 2, 2011: $1,639,798 obligated, $1,621,760 spent.

Early October 2010: Project work started. The Eureka Fire Facility and the Pony Springs Fire Facility are nearly completed.

Contracts: The $1,165,887 contract awarded to C3 LLC of Greenwood Village, Colorado, through a Memorandum of Understanding with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Completion target date: February 28, 2011

Jobs: The project will employ 10 contract workers for approximately 5 months.

Local purchases: Contract workers will purchase lodging, food, fuel and other operational supplies in the local areas.

Benefits and Needs: Each ground array will generate between 5-10 kilowatts of power with the parking arrays producing 10-20 kilowatts of power each. The solar power systems will provide clean power for the Bureau’s use, with surplus power made available to the local electric utility. This project will reduce the Bureau’s carbon foot print and provide a savings in utility payments.

Background: Renewable energy is a national priority for the Department of the Interior.

Workers pour concrete into excavation with vibration to help consolidation at Eureka Fire Facility.     View of south side of solar panels, Eureka Fire Facility.
Workers pour concrete into excavation with            View of south side of solar panels,
vibration to help consolidation                              Eureka Fire Facility.
at Eureka Fire Facility.