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Lands Status Renewable Energy Information Updates
To Facilitate Public and Industry Applications
Project Seeks to Validate and Update Public Lands Databases

Project: Validates LR2000 database information against paper and electronic lands records. Uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to update Geographic Coordinates Database (GCDB) coordinates in targeted renewable energy areas.

ARRA Funding Level: $1,573,070; $114,714 to be allocated to new task order for rescan of CDI images to Eastern States standards.


February 2, 2011: $1,579,401 obligated, $194,876 spent.

June 3, 2010: LR2000 validation project work started.

May 9, 2011: Currently at 65 percent complete on the review and validation portion.

Contracts: The $984,308 LR2000 validation contract was awarded to Premiere Data of Denver. The $287,000 GCDB update contract was awarded to E. Schaaf & Associates.

Completion target date: The estimated completion date for both the LR2000 and the GCDB update is February 2012.

Jobs: The LR2000 validation currently employs 4-5 contract workers. The GCDB update will employ 4 contract surveyors.

Local purchases: Contract workers for the GCDB update will be purchasing lodging, food, fuel and other operational supplies in the local area.

Benefits and Needs: The project’s goal is to improve the accuracy of the LR2000 and GCDB databases. Information in the LR2000 and GCDB databases must be consistent and correct in order for the Bureau to accurately and efficiently process renewable energy applications.

Background: Multiple discrepancies have been found between information contained in the Bureau’s LR2000 database and official electronic and paper Master Title Plats.