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Indian Creek Recreation Area Road Reconstruction
Indian Creek Campground Road and Parking Areas Reconditioned and Paved

Project: Recondition and pave the existing campground road and parking areas at the Indian Creek Recreation Area.

ARRA Funding Level: $721,000


February 2, 2011: $718,515 obligated, $718, 515 spent. Work included reconstruction and paving of the entrance road to the Sand Mountain Recreation Area from its intersection with nearby U.S. Highway 50.

February 19, 2010: BLM Carson City District Office staff completed cultural survey and categorical exclusion.

Contracts: $691,000 awarded to Hal Hayes Construction, Inc., a general and civil construction firm based in Riverside, California.

Jobs: Ground force numbers ranged from between 5 and 15 workers, depending on task.

Local purchases: The contractor spent more than $350,000 to acquire materials and supplies from local merchants and businesses in constructing this project.

Completed: Late August 2010

Benefits and Needs: The road around the campground at the Indian Creek Recreation Area,. was a heavily used road that was chip-sealed approximately 10 years ago. That sealant was not adequate to meet the demands of heavy recreational vehicles and other camping vehicles. Since the campground road system is the only way in and out of the Indian Creek Campground, the campground was closed during periods of heavy construction work, which started July 11, 2010.

Background: Situated in the eastern foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Indian Creek Recreation Area, which is located approximately 45 miles west of Carson City, Nevada, in Alpine County, California, offers a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities highlighted by Indian Creek Reservoir, Indian Creek Campground and the East Fork of the Carson River. Elevation in the area ranges from 5,600 feet at the reservoir to 6,400 feet in the surrounding foothills. Pine trees and sagebrush dot the landscape.

Indian Creek Campground entrance road.     Pulverizing Machine: Pulverizing to a depth of 4 inches.
Indian Creek Campground entrance road:              Pulverizing Machine: Pulverizing to a depth of
View of campground entrance road, just south         4 inches. The result material becomes a highly 
of the turnoff to the day-use parking lot                 compactable road base that will be used as the 
before paving work.                                              foundation for the new pavement.