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Gleason Creek Riparian
Project Will Protect Gleason Creek Drainage Area

Project: Construct 3.3 miles of standard BLM barbed-wire fence around a portion of the Gleason Creek drainage on the 30-Mile Spring allotment, and install a short pipeline to supply water to livestock outside the fence exclosure. Two cattle guards were purchased and installed as part of this fence project.

ARRA Funding Level: $84,000


February 2, 2011: $83,961 obligated, $83,961 spent. Ely District Operations Division staff installed the cattle guards prior to contractor fence construction. Operations staff also installed the stock water pipeline and the trough after the contractor completed fence construction.

July 27, 2010: Contract employees start fence construction.

Contracts: The $47,127 contract was awarded to ANJA of Grangeville, Idaho.

Completion date: August 12, 2010

Jobs: Four contract workers were employed.

Local purchases: The contractor purchased lodging, fuel and food in Ely, as well as some fencing supplies.

Benefits and Needs: The fence will improve rangeland health, watershed condition, species composition, cover and production along Gleason Creek, and will make significant progress toward meeting the Rangeland Health Standard (riparian standard), which has not been achieved due to livestock grazing. The fence will prevent cattle from over-utilizing riparian vegetation, and eliminate trampling and soil compaction along the stream bank.

Background: The project area is located about 12 miles west of Ely in White Pine County. The Gleason Creek drainage area has sustained impacts from livestock grazing that limit the area’s ability to meet BLM Riparian Standards.

Fence crew member uses hydraulic post pounder to install steel pipe posts on a steep hillside.     North end of fence completed and cattle guard installed.
Fence crew member uses hydraulic                        North end of fence completed and
post pounder to install steel pipe                          cattle guard installed.
posts on a steep hillside.