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Desatoya Restoration
Cultural Resource Inventory Supports Planning Effort

Project: Conduct a cultural resource inventory on approximately 625 acres in the Desatoya Mountains. The inventory area is located in the Desatoya Sage Grouse Population Management Unit in Churchill County.

ARRA Funding Level: $19,000


February 2, 2011: $18,809 obligated, $18,809 spent.

Contracts: An archaeological contract for $11,911 was awarded.

Jobs: The work was completed by contractor archeologists.

Completion date: September 10, 2010

Benefits and Need: This cultural resource inventory project will support a planning effort to address wildlife habitat and forest health issues in the area.

Background: The pinyon pine and juniper trees in the project area have increased to the point that open-country sagebrush, grass and forb habitat essential for sage grouse, pronghorns and other wildlife have been lost to increasing tree cover. Incidence of past wildfires is high in the area, and wildfires are a continual threat to the sagebrush community. Woodland values are also important and need to be managed for protection from wildfire, as well as be kept in balance with understory plants such as grasses and forbs.