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Curtz Lake Interpretive Trail
New Pavement Improves Access to Curtz Lake

Project: this is a two-phase project.  The first phase has been completed, which involved building a new parking area and trailhead, constructing a new road realignment and upgrading the existing access road, and paving the first 50 feet of the new access road from the intersection with the Airport Road (Alpine County) and use gravel hard pack for the remaining portion of the road and new parking area.   

The second phase of the project involves developing an interpretive plan for a new interpretive trail and kiosks to modernize the site.  This second phase is 90 percent complete, with the plan scheduled to be finalized byMay 20, 2011.  Actual interpretive trail/kiosk construction will be constructed in the future using separate funding sources. (not ARRA project). 

ARRA Funding Level: $241,000


Total obligated: 203,000

Phase 1 - Construction
  (engineering, paved apron, road/parking construction)
Total obligation $130,000
Total de-obligation $38,000
Total spent $92,000
Phase 1 Status:  Completed

Phase 2 - Interpretive Plan
Total obligation $73,000
Total de-obligation $10,000
Total spent $48,000
Phase 2 Status:  March 28, 2011, Phase 2 contract issue has delayed payment on Foothill Associates' 90 percent completed Interpretive Plan submission.  Once resolved and payment made, contractor will submit plan at 100 percent.  This issue is expected to be resolved the week of May 20, 2011, which will complete the project.

1.  Road reconstruction and paving contract awarded to Hal Hayes Construction, Inc., a general and civil construction firm based in Riverside, California. October 2010: Asphalt paving completed on the first 50 feet of the access road from the intersection with Airport Road.

2.  Interpretive Plan contract awarded to Foothill Associates of California.

Completion date target: May 20, 2011 

Benefits and Need: Updating the roads, parking lot, and trail with interpretation of relevant issues will benefit public accessibility, safety and understanding of site environmental resources. Completion of this project will make it possible to provide education for youth groups on environmental issues at Curtz Lake and along the interpretive trail.

Background: The Curtz Lake Environmental Study Area as completed in 1973.  Over thirty years of weather and limited maintenance have had their effects with elements of the area needing repair, replacement and updating.

View south across existing dirt road to Curtz Lake (dry).     Existing gravel parking lot just north of Curtz Lake.
View south across existing dirt road to                   Existing gravel parking lot just north of Curtz
Curtz Lake (dry): The future access road               Lake: The new access route will go through the
will follow this dirt road to the right (north)             gate visible on the far side.
to a new parking area.