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Clover Mountain Ponderosa Pine Restoration
Project Thins Pinyon and Juniper Trees to Save Ponderosa Pine Forest

Project: Treat approximately 60 acres of Ponderosa pine forest through the selective thinning of encroaching pinyon pine and juniper trees.

ARRA Funding Level: $46,000


February 2, 2011: $38,538 obligated, $4,032 spent.

Contracts: A $34,506 contract was awarded to Caliente Firewood and Fuels Reduction of Caliente.

Completion target date: The estimated completion date is July 31, 2011.

Jobs: The project will employ four contract workers.

Local purchases: The contractor is a local business employing local workers and buying all supplies locally.

Benefits and Needs: Biomass from this project will provide firewood for the community.

Background: Ponderosa pine stands in the Clover Range are in the over-mature phase, and without treatment are at risk of extinction from catastrophic wildland fire. Removing the fire-intolerant pinyon pine and juniper trees allows for the return of the historic fire regime of frequent, low-intensity fires.