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Carson Woodland Health, Habitat Restoration
Thinning Treatments Target Pinyon and Juniper Trees in Pine Nut Mountains

Project: Pinyon and juniper thinning treatments to restore woodland ecosystem health and biological diversity in the Pine Nut Mountains, which were deforested during early historic mining booms in nearby Virginia City.

ARRA Funding Level: $50,000


February 2, 2011: $50,000 obligated, $50,000 spent.

January 2010: Seasonal employee crew completed work Big Meadows treatment unit.

October 24, 2009: Contract crew completed work on the Sunrise Thinning treatment unit.

Contracts: $21,595 contract awarded to Robert Sweat of Pensacola, Florida.

Jobs: An 8-person contract crew completed the first phase in October 2009, and a seasonal employee crew completed the second phase in January 2010. Work on the Big Meadows treatment unit was accomplished by seasonal employees who would otherwise have been out of work.

Local purchases: The contractor spent money locally to outfit, feed, transport and house the crew.

Completed: July 2010

Benefits and Needs: Pinyon pines and junipers were thinned to protect high woodland values threatened by wildfire, insects and disease. Treatments will restore a balance of diverse ecosystems associated with woodlands, sagebrush steppe, and a smaller component of Jeffrey pines. Most of the trees targeted for removal are too small to generate large quantities of biomass, but some material will be salvaged as firewood harvest. Wildlife species in the vicinity, including sage grouse and pronghorn antelope, will benefit from the project.

Last updated: 02-04-2011