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Carson City District Riparian Exclosures
Riparian Maintenance Mitigates Grazing Damage to Sensitive Stream Areas

Project: Repair riparian and wildlife exclosures to prohibit damage from grazing animals to sensitive areas, and conduct cultural surveys.

ARRA Funding Level: $234,000


February 2, 2011: $228,300 obligated, $228,300 spent.  Project work included contracted cultural surveys of previously unsurveyed project sites, and fencing work was subsequently completed by contract workers. 

September 1, 2010: Maintenance was completed on all 55 exclosures.

Completion date: September 1, 2010.

Jobs: Both the first and second contract brought on 4 contract workers.

Benefits and Needs: The purpose of the projects is to ensure the continued protection and improvement of functionality of riparian areas throughout the Carson City District.

Background: Our first contract for the completion of the maintenance on 21 riparian exclosures began on October 20, 2009 and was completed on November 10, 2009 (a period of 22 days).  The second phase contract work began on June 28, 2010 and was completed on September 7, 2010, a period of 74 days. During the second phase, maintenance was completed on 34 riparian exclosures.  The number of employees working on the first contract was 5 including the contractors.  The number of employees working on the second contract is 4, including the contractor.  Maintenance of these exclosures is ensuring the continued protection of 55 riparian springs and seeps, which provide critical wildlife water and vegetated cover.

Wildlife and livestock overgrazing has damaged many riparian areas in northern Nevada. These riparian areas are important habitat for Lahontan cutthroat trout and other aquatic species.

Cajun Springs exclosure (BEFORE) existing fence condition.     Worker completes stringing barbed wire at the northeast corner of the Higgins Springs riparian exclosure in Washoe County, Nevada.
Cajun Springs exclosure (BEFORE) existing             Worker completes stringing barbed wire at
fence condition: Photo looking north along              the northeast corner of the Higgins Springs
existing fence exclosure. New exclosure will             riparian exclosure in Washoe County, Nevada.
include metal fence posts.

Last updated: 03-29-2011