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Bootstraps Youth Program
Youth Crews Improve Sage Grouse Habitat in Lander and Eureka Counties

Project: Fence more than 50 acres of sage grouse riparian habitat in Lander and Eureka counties, and thin pinyon and juniper trees on 1,500 acres of sage grouse habitat.

ARRA Funding Level: $499,000


February 2, 2011: $498,008 obligated, $240,984 spent.

May 31, 2010: Work started with 12-person crew, two crew bosses, and one field supervisor.

August 30, 2010: Five additional youth were added to the crew for a total of 17 youth employed by the program.

September 30, 2010: Thinning operations were completed on 900 acres in the Bald Mountain area.

October 28, 2010: Another 100 acres of thinning completed. In addition, eight spring/meadow fence encompassing 20 acres of sage grouse riparian habitat in the Carico Lake Allotment were completed.

November 28, 2010: Work stopped because of the weather, and will start again in May with a newly hired and trained crew of 15-20 youth.

Completion target date: The estimated completion date is November 30, 2012.

Jobs: The project employs 17 partner-supported youth hires, two crew bosses and a field supervisor.

Local purchases: Bootstraps workers purchased lodging, food, fuel and other operational supplies in Lander and Eureka counties.

Benefits and Needs: The Bootstraps Youth Program takes at-risk youth who are out of school and not working and puts them into a system that develops work ethics, helps them obtain GEDs and write resumes, and teaches them what is expected of them in the work environment. Bootstraps is a partnership between the BLM and the Bootstraps Youth Program.  Public land resource benefits include improvements to riparian areas and habitat for sage grouse and other wildlife.

2010 Bootstraps Crew       After Bootstraps Thinning on Bald Mountain in the Toiyabe Mountain Range, Lander County: Rattlesnake Canyon after bootstraps thinning.
2010 Bootstraps Crew                                          After Bootstraps Thinning on Bald Mountain
                                                                        in the Toiyabe Mountain Range, Lander County:
                                                                        Rattlesnake Canyon after bootstraps thinning.
                                                                        Area has a wet meadow used by sage grouse
                                                                        and is open sage brush behind point where
                                                                        picture was taken.