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Black Rock Transportation Plan Implementation
Transportation Plan Improves Access to Black Rock Area

Project: Provide recreational and access improvements through the Gerlach community to the Black Rock area. Develop and implement a transportation sign plan; decommission and prevent continued use of closed routes; and implement seasonal closures.

ARRA Funding Level: $205,000


February 2, 2011: $190,032 obligated, $167,517 spent.

April 19, 2010: Site work started in the Gerlach area. Weather delayed earlier start attempts.

Assistance Agreements: The project was funded through a $74,987 Assistance Agreement with Great Basin Institute (GBI), with the objective of providing labor and some equipment and materials toward the completion of the project.

Completion target date: Most of the work has been completed. The remainder will be completed by spring 2011, depending on weather conditions and access to remaining areas.

Jobs: The project has employed two GBI youth hires.

Local purchases: Vehicle maintenance, repairs, fuel and other supplies are purchased in the Gerlach area.

Benefits and Needs: Closed routes are decommissioned by using heavy equipment to decompact route surfaces; stabilizing areas that create impacts caused by erosion; and installing physical barriers to prevent vehicle use. The sites are seeded to assist in recovery, and rocks and native materials are used in areas that have sources nearby. Steel bollard and cable are used to prevent vehicle trespass in areas where native barriers aren’t feasible.

Background: This project implements the route designations identified in the Black Rock Desert – High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area Resource Management Plan (RMP). The RMP identified open and closed routes, including seasonal closures.

GPS location of transportation marker     Designated route marker installation
GPS location of transportation marker: From           Designated route marker installation: From the 
the left, Ed Hedzer with the Nevada                        left, Black Rock Field Office Park Ranger Curtis 
Conservation Corps; and Jason Powell,                   Booher and Jason Powell, Deputy ARRA 
Deputy ARRA Program Manager for the Bureau.       Program Manager for the Bureau.