The Top Ten Things You Should Know to Advance Your BLM Career 

 About This Series

In this series of short videos NTC Director Don Charpio and Branch Chief Leon Thomas provide information on the top ten things BLM employees can do to advance their career. By focusing on these tips and tricks BLM employees can not only increase their professional development and improve leadership skills but also help make themselves more competitive for promotion opportunities.

Go Through New Employee Orientation to Get You Started
This segment provides an overview of NTC’s comprehensive on-line New Employee Orientation training package which employees should complete during their first 90 days with BLM.  Click image to see video.                                   

                                  (NOTE this segment includes the series opening)


Find Mentors and Coaches To Help You
 To help employees advance and thrive within BLM the advantages of Mentors, Coaches and Buddies is discussed. Click image to see video.

Complete an Individual Development Plan and Keep it Current
The importance of maintaining an Individual Development Plan or IDP is presented as well as how employees can work with their supervisors to ensure their training needs are identified to help them reach short and long term career goals.  Click image to see video.                                

Know About the Required Training In Your Career Field
In this segment mandatory all-employee training is discussed and details are provided on how employees can consult NTC’s website and utilize the “Required Training” feature of DOI Learn to obtain information on course offerings in their career field.  Click image to see video.                                  

Sign Up for NTC Courses, DOI Learn Offerings, and Local Training

In addition to DOI Learn and NTC courses this segment presents information on BLM’s Curriculum Advisory Teams and the role of State Training Offers who can provide information on local training opportunities.  Click image to see video.


Earn College Credit for NTC Courses Toward a Degree

The ability to obtain college credit for some NTC courses is presented. This segment also included specifics on how to obtain transcripts for BLM courses which can be used towards a bachelor, or advanced, degree program.  Click image to see video.                                  

 Explore Other Training Providers Available To You

Training and career development opportunities available from other providers is presented including the US Fish and Wildlife Service National Conservation and Training Center, the Natural Resource Distance Learning Consortium, DOI University, the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center, and courses available at local universities and community colleges.  Click image to see video.                                  

Take Advantage of NTC’s Knowledge Resource Center
This segment provides an overview of NTC’s on-line Knowledge Resource Center or KRC. Several examples are shown of the many job aids and training resources available to BLM employees through this searchable on-demand computer-based learning portal.  
Click image to see video.

Pursue Leadership Courses and Opportunities
An overview of NTC’s leadership curriculum is presented in this segment which provides details on BLM’s Leadership Academy, the Emerging Leaders program, and the Leadership Excellence and Development or LEAD program.  Click image to see video.

Serve as an NTC Instructor or Trainer
The benefits of serving as an instructor or trainer to help teach NTC courses is presented along with details on how NTC prepares subject matter specialists to transfer their expertise in the classroom using good adult education principles.  Click image to see video.
                              (NOTE this segment includes the series closing)                                  


              * This presentation was originally broadcast on the BLM Satellite Network in May 2011.