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Who We Are

The BLM National Training Center (NTC) is recognized nationally as one of the outstanding training facilities in government.  Its history began in 1969 with the establishment of a small lands and minerals school.  Its mission is to sustain the health and productivity of the public lands through education and training.  In 1994, NTC moved into a new facility at 9828 North 31st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85051.

NTC is a modern, campus-style facility, consisting of three 3-story buildings interconnected by decks and plazas.  A distinctive architectural feature of the facility is a circular stairway in the center of the three buildings that provides access between floors.  Cushioned chairs and benches are scattered throughout the deck areas, adding to an informal ambience that invites interaction between students, instructors, and visitors.

NTC offers over 200 courses annually making it a primary source for BLM training in natural resources and leadership.  However, NTC's service to the federal community doesn't end there, as many courses are available to employees of other agencies through a tuition program and many agencies of state and federal government use the facility on a cost-reimbursable basis.  Click here for the policy, features, and rental information governing the use the NTC facility.

In addition to the use of its modern, well-equipped classrooms, NTC is a leader in instructional television and produces courses that are broadcast via satellite to over 130 BLM Satellite Network sites nationally.  Broadcasts are not encrypted and are available to other agencies.  NTC, with its full-service television capability has become the communications hub for BLM, providing an excellent means for agency leadership to keep field employees informed of law and policy changes.

NTC has had a website since 1996 and uses the Internet for a host of reasons, including the distribution of web-based training, providing a daily updated catalog of courses and the online registration of trainees, conducting needs assessments, surveys, course evaluations and validations, and many other purposes.

For additional information you may call 602-906-5500 where our receptionist will guide you to someone who can help you.