Trip Reduction Program (TRP)

We at NTC, along with hundreds of other organizations in the valley, are participating in the Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program (TRP).  The goal of the program is to reduce drive-alone travel and to help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.  We encourage you, whenever possible, to share the ride to work by establishing a carpool.  If carpooling is not practical for you, we encourage you to consider riding the bus or even bicycling or walking to work if you live close enough.

We will support the TRP by providing your carpool with a reserved parking space, a free bus pass for bus riders, and a secure bike rack to lock up your bike.   We also have showers for you to use to clean up for work if necessary.  We will also provide TRP participants a ride home should an illness or emergency arise.  To take advantage of these benefits please contact Eric Fetzgerald, TRP Coordinator, at (602) 906-5546 or at   Click here for more information and other benefits offered by the Maricopa County TRP.