Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an organized approach to professional development activities and programs that are designed to improve the employee’s professional skills and the Bureau’s productivity. The IDP is developed jointly by the supervisor and employee. It outlines the employee’s developmental objectives and the developmental activity for achieving these objectives. The purpose of the IDP is to target competencies and skills to be developed for two purposes: 1) for use and growth in the employee’s current position 2) for future career goals. 

Technical credibility is the cornerstone for a successful career in any organization. Development in your technical area coupled with leadership development will set a solid foundation for career growth. Use your IDP as a tool to balance development in these two essential areas.

All employees are encouraged to use this form. The IDP is mandatory for all executives, managers, and supervisors.

Note: this form is a “living document” and should be updated throughout the year as actions are completed, deleted, changed or added. We recommend that the IDP be used as a part of the Employee Performance Appraisal process.

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