FY 2008 Instruction Memorandums (IMs)

Instruction Memorandums (IMs) provide new policy or procedural instructions which must reach BLM employees quickly or interpret existing regulations, policies, or instructions and are used when there is not enough time to issue a Manual Release. IMs are generally used for transmitting material of an urgent nature. Generally these Directives represent current policy with a lifespan of 2 years (unless otherwise extended). Records with the category of I (internal) or R (restricted) are for internal use only, and may not be released to the public without a Freedom of Information Act request.

Records Category: P = Public, I = Internal, R = Restricted


Date Issued




10/18/2007TC IM 2008 01This memorandum requests all BLM employees login into their DOI LEARN account and input their supervisor’s name into the new Primary Supervisor field.


01/15/2008TC IM 2008 02This Instruction Memorandum (IM) announces the Department of the Interior (DOI) computer-based training modules on Records Management and the Privacy Act. Completing these computer-based training programs is mandatory.


05/07/2008TC IM 2008 02 ChangeThis IM changes the timeframe for new staff to complete the Computer Based Training (CBT) modules on “Records Management Awareness” and “Orientation to the Privacy Act” from 90 days to 60 days.