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BLM Satellite Network


General Information

Ordering a New DISH Network Downlink System

Click here for details on ordering a digital downlink system for your office with a television programming package and service plan.

BLM Satellite Network Directory

List of BLM's Downlink Coordinators.

Downlink Coordinator's Guide (MS Word)

Guide for BLM Satellite Coordinators.

A Digital Version Update Coming Soon!

How NTC’s DISH Network Satellite Transmissions Work:
Click link above to get a better understanding of how the DISH Network Satellite Transmission system works at the National Training Center.

(Please note that this link is only accessible by BLM employees.)

Technical Information
DISH Network Downlink Support

Push to Talk Setups and Support

Info on how to set up your PTT system.

Individual Location Diagrams for Push to Talk

Production Resources

Building Broadcast Ready PowerPoint Presentations

Producing an M Street Live! Satellite Event:  Click this link to download and save a zip file containing a step-by-step guide that provides a "What needs to happen from A to Z" for M Street Live! broadcasts. 

Be sure to save the zip file to a local drive and extract its contents.  Then open the "Producing_M_Street_Live_Satellite_Event.pdf" file.  If you open the zip file to a temporary folder, the links within the main document may not work properly. 

(Please note that this document is only accessible by BLM employees.)

Updated 02/27/2014