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Various images of soil creatures and plants – wilbur the soil wizard, nematodes, flowers, prarie dog, earthworms.

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Image of Wilbur the Soil Wizard. He has a wizard’s hat with stars and a wand with a star,. On the right is another image of Wilbur and he is standing over a caldroun where all the things that make up soil are whirling around.

Hi Kids! I’m Wilbur, the soil wizard. What’s your name?
I live in the soil.
What is Soil?
Soil is the top layer of the Earth’s surface, like frosting on a birthday cake!
It’s the stuff you play on in your backyard. Your grass grows on it.
You might call it dirt instead of soil.
Soil is made from rocks that are broken up into tiny pieces, as well as dead leaves, roots, twigs, dead bugs, and stuff like that. It also has water and air in it.

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