NO. 5 DATE 05/13/99

Exploring the USGS "Virtual Earth Science Library"

By Jim Turner, Geographic Sciences Laboratory Manager, National Applied Resource Sciences Center (NARSC)

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maintains a virtual earth science library of digital information, publications, and data. Their Internet World Wide Web sites offer an array of information that reflects scientific research and monitoring programs conducted in the areas of natural hazards, environmental resources, and cartography.

The following listing provides gateways to access a cross section of the digital information on the USGS World Wide Web sites. The listing is not intended to be either comprehensive or exhaustive in scope. Rather, the sites should be viewed as starting points for exploring the vast store house of information maintained by the USGS.

Primary Home Pages

U.S. Geological Survey -

Biological Resources Division -

Geologic Information -

National Mapping Information -

Water Resources Information -

USGS by Theme - Environment, Resources, Hazards, Information Management -


Data and Information Sites


Amphibians -

North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations -

Breeding Bird Survey -

Butterflies of North America -

Global Change -

National Biological Information Infrastructure -

Disasters and Hazards

Center for Integration of Natural Disaster Information -

Earthquake Information -

Volcano Hazards -


Energy Resources -


Coastal and Marine Geology -

National Geologic Mapping -


Declassified Intelligence Satellite Photographs -

Data Available from EROS Data Center -

EROS Data Center Home Page -

Earth Science Information Center -

Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change -

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) -

Global Land Information System (GLIS) -

National Atlas of the United States -

National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, USGS Node -

US GeoData - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Access -


Mineral Resources -


Locating Publications and Data Products -


Current Stream Flow -

Real-Time Streamflow -

Historical Streamflow -

National Water Conditions -

National Water Quality Assessment Program -

Water Use Data -

Other USGS Organizations

Biological Cooperative Research Units -

Biological Resources National Programs -

Biological Science and Technology Centers -

National Wetlands Research Center -


For information on other USGS products and services, call 1-888-ASK-USGS or visit the general interest publications Web Site at

NARSC resource specialists typically coordinate closely with their USGS counterparts. If you are unable to locate the specific information you need, contact the NARSC specialist knowledgeable in your area of interest or the BLM Library for additional assistance.

NARSC support can be obtained at:

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