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The Resource Inventory Notes was published from 1976 through 1979. Topics range from statistical sampling of precision and probability to interpretation of statistical information using the Freese's Chi-Square Test of Accuracy to methods for making range condition surveys that will aid field staff in their work. This series is no longer in print. Copies may be requested from the BLM Library at or 303-236-6650. Dr. Tim Gregoire at Yale University has scanned all of the BLM Resource Inventory Notes and Resources Evaluation Newsletters and has made them available on the web in .pdf format. See:


Series # Title Author Date
BLM-1 3P or not 3P. Lund 1976
BLM-2 A test of the statistical validity of a 3P and point sampling design. Wiant 1976
BLM-3 Inventorying the urban forest. Geiger 1977
BLM-4 Mesavage and Girard's volume tables formulated. Wiant 1977
BLM-5 Sampling precision and probability. Kinsinger 1977
BLM-6 An illustration of list sampling. Wiant 1977
BLM-7 Forest site index mapping and yield model inputs to determine potential site productivity. Getter 1977
BLM-8 Comparison of point - 3P sampling designs. Wiant 1977
BLM-9 Some basic considerations when sampling small woodlands. Ashley 1978
BLM-10 Stratification in double sampling - "The easy way out may sometimes be the best way." Frayer 1978
BLM-11 3-P random numbers and a handheld programmable calculator. Estola 1978
BLM-12 On the precision of DOT grid estimates. Zohrer 1978
BLM-13 Inplace, multiple resource inventories at budget prices. Lund 1978
BLM-14 Modification of Freese's Chi-square test of accuracy. Rennie 1978
BLM-15 Type maps, stratified sampling and P. P. S. Lund 1978
BLM-16 A technique for combining related regression into one equation. Wiant 1978
BLM-17 Variable radius plot and 3P timber sampling. Estola 1979
BLM-18 Multi-stage and multi-phase sampling. Nichols 1979
BLM-19 A distribution-free method for interval estimation and sample size determination. Fowler 1979
BLM-20 Canada committee on ecological land classification. Welch 1979
BLM-21 Metrification of Mesavage's form class 78 and 80 cubic-foot volume tables. Hassler 1979
BLM-22 Preparation of maps for manual digitizing. Hanson 1979
BLM-23 Sampling natural resource populations: mutually exclusive fixed-area sampling units.
Computing optimum plot size for wildland inventories.
The satellite program in statistical ecology.
BLM-24 How useful is the coefficient of determination in multiple linear regression.
A note on double sampling - point sampling.
BLM-25 Sampling of natural resource populations: Comparison of estimates. Fowler 1979
BLM-26 The effect of Sample size on coefficient of variation estimation.
A world-wide review of the problem of National forest inventory systems.
Deriving a local volume table from a stand and stock table.
BLM-27 Nonparametric statistical procedures for comparing two populations.
100% mark with 3P sample or multistage 3P cruising: which method should a forest manager use?
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