IB FY2011
NOC Information Bulletins (IB) FY2011




IB OC-2011-021Notice of Rights to Request Union Representation05/16/2011
IB OC-2011-018Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 Bureau Wide Accounts Workshop04/07/2011
IB OC-2011-018 Att1Attachment 1 -Agenda04/07/2011
IB OC-2011-018 Att2Attachment 2 - State Core Team Responsibilities04/07/2011
IB OC-2011-007Reducing Costs Associated with Airline Travel 12/14/2010
IB OC-2011-004Inclement Weather and Other Emergency Procedures11/08/2010 
IB OC-2011-003Federal Employee Benefits Open Season, November 8, 2010 through December 13, 201011/08/2010 
IB OC-2011-002Avoiding Forfeiture of Annual Leave and Requesting Restoration of Leave11/01/2010 
IB OC-2011-002 Att 1Attachment 1 - Request For Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave 11/01/2010 
IB OC-2011-002 
Att 2
Attachment 2 - Request for Leave or Approved Absence 11/01/2010 
IB OC-2011-001 Employee Performance Appraisal Plan (EPAP) Guidance for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Closeout and Establishment of FY 2011 EPAP10/08/2010