FY 2009 Instruction Memorandums




09/14/2009IM NM-2009-026New Mexico State Office (NMSO) Smoking Policy
09/14/2009IM NM-2009-025New Mexico State Office (NMSO) Parking Policy
07/10/2009IM NM-2009-020New Bonding Procedures for Notices and Plans under 43 CFR 3809
04/30/2009IM-NM-2009-017Updating the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Policy on Bond Amounts for Active Wells and Leases; Coordinating with WO IM 2007-192, Priority Ranking for Orphaned and Idled Wells; and WO IM 2008-122, Oil and Gas Bond Adequacy Reviews; and Section 349(b) of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct).
04/272009IM-NM-2009-016Clarification of the Public Comment Process for Environmental Assessments (EAs) and the Related Maintenance of the Bureau of Land Management New Mexico (BLM NM) Field Office Planning - National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Web sites
12/17/2008IM NM-2009-004Security Measures for the NMSO and Visitor Log